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Dog grooming is a rapidly growing industry. There are over 2,000 salons dedicated to dogs in the United Kingdom; most of these are privately owned premises dealing only with dog grooming.

However, certain other outlets such as vets, boarding and breeding kennels and even garden centres are known to offer this service. There are also mobile groomers who visit and groom dogs in their own homes.

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Rates of pay vary in this field depending on experience, if you are self-employed and the area in which you work.

It is essential that any potential groomers be equally as proficient at handling dogs as they are at handling a comb and scissors. Some dogs will not want to be shampooed and combed, whereas other dogs will have no problem with it at all. All dog groomers must be prepared to deal with all types of dog, with different coats, in different conditions and in different moods.

Patience is a necessity; a dog groomer could have to spend hours trying to groom a particularly temperamental dog who is showing no signs of cooperating and making the job more difficult.

A dog groomer will have to have extremely good hand to eye coordination in order to be able to do a good grooming of the dog and also to ensure that at no point is the dog in danger of receiving a nick or cut from a slipped pair of scissors.

This possibility can be drastically increased if the dog is agitated or worried, so it is imperative that the groomer is confident at handling dogs and dealing with their moods. Good customer service and business skills are highly desirable.

There are three main avenues to pursue with a view to becoming a dog groomer. Private grooming salons offer training courses, almost all of these are on a fee paying basis. Some private salons offer apprenticeships to young people interested in the job. There youth training programme available which delivers a recognized qualification.

Potential dog groomers who are considering this method of training should be sure to check that they are being trained by someone who possesses the city and guilds dog grooming certificate 775.

All details regarding training for this vocation can be sought from.
The British dog groomers association.
Bedford business centre.
170 Mile road.
MK42 9TW.